We are happy to share our insights and experience. In particular, we provide media partners with expert knowledge in the following areas:

Human resources: executive search, recruiting, human resources development, coaching, audits, career training, interview training

Management: management competence, strategy, leadership, organisational development

Innovation: change, co-creation, digitalisation, new working environments

Job market: trends, data, benchmark

Internationalisation: expansion, intercultural competence, CEE/SEE, merger support

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HILL - 30 years in Hungary

HILL International was founded 30 years ago, on the 26th of October in 1989 – pioneering in Hungary in executive search with continuous operation,...

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A HILL International még 2017-ben csatlakozott a Sokszínűség hete programsorozathoz, 2018-ban pedig már visszatérőként vettünk részt az eseményeken.


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