Coping with the new normal, remote work, hybrid operation, competence based decisions, agility and creating winning global or local project teams?

We all have it in one system!

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  • Development centre made fun online!
  • Gamified remote behavioural simulation to Assess your Emplyees without taking them out from work.


  1. 1. Data driven - easy to spot potential talents
  2. 2. Takes few minutes a day to accomplish a challenge
  3. 3. More insight gained in shorter time
  4. 4. Mobile friendly, easy to access
  5. 5. Immediate feedback to increase user experience

Engaging self-assessing adventure on the career journey.

  • Assessment centre through remote game play!
  • A factious new generation of candidate assessment to add to your recruitment process


  1. 1. Booming results, engaging experience
  2. 2. Enhances your brand
  3. 3. Applicable for various positions and levels
  4. 4. More insight gained in shorter time
  5. 5. Mobile friendly, access from any location
  6. 6. Immediate feedback to assesses and decision makers
  7. 7. Spot out VUCA characters

Examine a candidate’s abilities and behaviour under agile gamified environment, without any force upon.

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