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It has been more than 30 years that HILL International is available all over in 27 countries in Europe for our customers, helping in recruiting and direct bounty hunting for high level positions which is a problematic territory of the local HR at most companies.

What do we offer to help our customers?

Our service is available in 27 countries in Europe, thanks to our bilingual and trilingual consultants we can offer contracts more than a dozen languages. Regarding the positions what we offer to help finding the best applicants are specialists, managers, leaders and other senior and highly skilled demanding jobs.

The center of the company can be found in the Middle-East Europe and our contractors are from big multinational companies all around in this region.

For finding the perfect candidates by bounty hunting to our contractors are based on understanding the needs of the company: there are technical and personal components of our success.

A very important thing is at HILL that our consultants have several years of experience regarding the industry and leader skills, moreover they have routine in psychological methods.

Regarding the technical needs of the successful searching HILL has a self developed database which is compatible with the GDPR system and also we are utilising several other search engines to find the perfect candidate. What’s more our methods are based on 30 years experience and we are constantly developing them regarding the current needs of the labour market. The big advance of HILL is the past of our consultants: they have very good personal connections with the best professionals which is an invaluable thing nowadays.

During the searching procedure we are making sure that the candidate will be compatible with the future company and we check on the skills and competences as well. With this checklist we can guarantee that the best candidates will be sent to your company and they will serve a good amount of time what makes your company more profitable. The procedure is fast and countable you can start planning the future of your company right after signing the contract with us.

Furthermore several psychologists are helping the job of our consultants by examining the applicants with accredited tests and making sure that the personality will fit in the company.

Before signing the contract with us we define the time and price and additional fees will not appear during the whole process. The process is discrete and classified there won’t be any unpleasant circumstances.