HILL Szombathely

H-9700 Szombathely
Kunos Endre utca 1.
Telefon: +36 20 511 0801

GPS: N47°13.874´ - E16°36.700´

HILL International was the first of the prominent European personnel consulting companies in Hungary to organize its regional network of offices. HILL Szombathely formed part of this network, when it began its operations in 1993.
HILL Szombathely was essential in fulfilling the needs of firms in Western Hungary. During this period valuable experience of this region's labour market, as well as a number of prominent Hungarian and multinational, medium and large enterprises were attained. It is a great honour for us, that more than a third of our clients, have decided to remain in partnership with us.
We have changed the labour market as well as the methods of searching for and selecting business leaders. Two thirds of our commissions have been completed through direct searching. In addition to finding experts we have gained experience in organizing management training. As of 2001 we also offer change-management consultancy services.

HILL International Kft.
HILL International Kft.

Kunos Endre u. 1
HU-9700 Szombathely