HILL Budapest

1027 Budapest
Szász Károly utca 2.
Telefon: +36-1-2012252
GPS: N47° 30,562' - E19° 1,954'


HILL International's central Hungarian office is located in central Buda, a few minutes away from Margit Boulevard. The office address is 2 Szász Károly Street, however, the entrance to our ground floor office is accessible from the corner of Varsányi Irén Street.


Getting to our office:

Our office may be easily accessed by means of tram 4 or 6. You should get off at "Mechwart Liget" (Also called "Keleti Károly utca"). If you go by car from "Széll Kálmán tér" passing by the "Széna tér" it is advisable to turn into "Varsányi Irén utca" which is parallel to Margit Boulevard. Park your car about 100 meters down the road.

If you go by car from Margit Bridge pay attention not to turn into "Szász Károly utca". You can turn into "Keleti Károly utca" from the narrow arch and after a hundred meters you should turn back and crossing the Margit Boulevard you are allowed to turn into "Szász Károly utca".

Finding parking close to our office is easy, however 440 HUF/hour fee is payable, (tickets are available at the blue ticket automats) alternatively there is a cheaper, safe, traditional paying parking area about 200 meters away from our office (In Varsányi Irén utca).
Please note that parking places designated for vehicles used by disabled passengers are exclusively maintained for those with special parking pass. Non-holders are obliged to pay 50.000,- HUF penalty in case of occupying these parking places.